Thursday, 1 July 2010 award winners of Double Glazing Guide 2010

Double Glazing Shop are the winners for 2009 to 2010 awards for most satisfied customers nationwide doubleglazingshop for windows, doors and bifold doors. Gaining a satisfaction level of over 90% in a driven consumer market thats hard to satisfy with compenstion culture.

Also they got most accreditations through out 2009 and most growth in marketing through the recession. The double glazing industry has been hit hard with the credit crunch and homeowners not moving. Most new home owners will change windows, kitchens, bathrooms within siz months of moving in. Trends are showing many home owners are only changing the windows that are damaged leaving the rest for energy upgrades when times are better. Doubleglazingshop are listed in about and are launching a revamped website before end of 2010. Bookemark the site at

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