Sunday, 12 April 2009

Double Glazing Prices – Double Glazing Costs Revealed

How do you find out the true cost of double glazing?

Many double glazing companies want to come round and demonstrate their company and products and give a 3 hour build up as to why the retail price of their products are worth so much money. Then they will come out with an offer at the end of the presentation that has to be taken now and reduce the cost by a quick 50%. Then after a series of 3rd party phone calls to the boss you could get an extra 20% more of. Now your nearly at the price of how much your new double glazing cost.

Many consumers find this very 80’s style and hard work to try and get the real price. You have to look at what people have to get paid to perform this process. Normal a telephone operator will telephone for 14 to 20 hours calling time to get 1 appointment that leads to a sale s rep coming into your house. These appointments cost around £120 each. A rep would need d 5 of these on average to make 1 sale. Then he would lose with cancellations around 30% of his orders as the customer till checks out the prices from the competition. The sales man would earn around 7% commission on average for selling double glazing. Who pays for the cost of the telephone calls and the salesman? You the customer. Then the sales man has to have a manager so he can ring and telephone closes his orders which are an additional cost.

In the larger companies they could have as many as 100 managers who in turn would need managers to manage the managers, they call these regionals. Extra cost again. Then regional’s then in turn answer to a divisional or a director. This whole infra structure has to get paid and that mark up is put on the product. UPVC Extrusions vary in cost glass can be constant and so is installations and surveying. Customer service centres for poor quality products have to be larger.

Then on the other hand you can go online and buy direct from a shop like Double Glazing Shop that have managed to emit all the overheads and can get you the best double glazing prices online.

Double Glazing Shop sell the following products online, no hassle, no fuss, just straight forward service.

Reducing overheads in a downturn of the economy for businesses is an absolute must. More companies in UK and USA are using the internet to market and sell products to customers. Why? It cost less and gets the product into the customer’s hands. eCommerce for all market sectors is going to continue to grow, consumers can shop from home, do their own research and buy what they really want to buy.

You can do a lot more research and view more choice online than what you could with a traditional retailer. Retail for double glazing has been sold as above since the 70’s but the bigger companies are starting to struggle as more savvy customer are researching online and making their purchases from more streamlined companies. If you want to get your double glazing at the lowest possible cost start googling.

Double Glazing Shop is one of the First home improvement companies to enter into this field, offering service, value and more choice than any other uk based double glazing company. They bucking the trend and giving customers exactly what they want.
Double Glazing Shop

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