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Increase Your Home's Value with Replacement Windows and Conservatories

Increasing Your Home's Value with Replacement Windows and Conservatories

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Today's housing market is pretty bad and doesn't look to be getting better any time soon. Buyers and renters both have their pick of homes. Any improvement you can make to increase your home's value, curb appeal and perceived worth is an investment you'll get a return on whenever you try to sell or rent. Replacing old, creaky, stiff windows is a good first move when trying to sell or rent a home.

Old windows generally require a lot of maintenance, while quality new models are relatively maintenance free. Do you want to spend a lot of time repairing your windows? Would you want to live with terrible looking windows? If not, it's a safe bet that your buyer or renter doesn't either. Get quality maintenance-free windows as replacements and make sure they're installed well. They should hang level, swing easily, be easy to clean and maintain their appearance for years without a lot of effort on your part.

Another beneficial point to consider in choosing your replacement windows is whether or not they pass the Energy Star test. Energy-efficient windows are a great selling or renting point because they'll effectively lower the heating and cooling bill year round. This is an important point to many people in light of the oil crunch and current economic recession. Check to see how long the windows will take to pay for themselves in reduced bills. The information provided on EnergyStar labels combined with your current energy bills should make it easy to compare.

Last, of course, choose windows that look good with your home's design. Make sure that the colors match or harmonize well on the color wheel. People at a paint store can generally help you find colors that look good together and can provide you with paint chips to compare to. Also, make sure that your replacement windows are the same size as your current windows unless you're already prepared to do major wall construction. Make sure you replace frosted glass with frosted glass if privacy is an issue for that window. By searching for replacement windows with these criteria, your house will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

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