Friday, 25 April 2008

Double Glazing Shop Online

Double glazing shop online now available to buy replacement windows & double glazing without even seeing a salesman. Because there are no sales people, managers or sales & marketing overheads involved you can save thousands of pounds of your double glazing.

Double glazing guide has accredited the double glazing shop as the first online shop to buy your double glazed windows. No middle men just straight from manufacturer to your home. Saving thousands of pounds. For example a window from a national company on average is priced at £600 each. You can buy that same specification of window online from double glazing shop for £104 plus delivery and fitting.

Fitters will fit your windows for £50.00 to £80.00 each. Work out the maths if you have 8 windows and 2 doors. National Company = £5850 Double Glazing Shop = £ 1440 SAVING £4410.

Fitting Cost = 10 x £60 = £600.00

Total cost for a house full of new windows and doors £2040.00 calculations based on an average 3 bed semi.


Thats enough to buy the conservatory with which will be luanching online June 2008
Also available is a list of approved installers for installing your windows and what rates to pay.

Double glazing shop is the first online double glazing in gloucestershire

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