Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Stop House Repossession with Sell House Rent Back

How to Stop Repossession using Sell House and Rent Back

Sell house rent back is an independent website to give you impartial advice as too how it works. will be able to get you the best price for your house in the current market place. If you are facing repossession this type arrangement can stop repossession. What they do is give you a totally independent valuation for your property then can offer you upto 100% if you're staying in the property. Visit this directory for more sites in this category sell house rent back
They also can include in the deal depending on how much equity you have a rent free period. Sell House Rent Back have access to companies who have investors that are looking to in vest in house for a minimum of a ten year period. This so they can achieve the maximum growth on the investment of your property.

We rent will give you as a cash offer upto 90% of market valuation of your property. You don't have to pay any legal fees or valuations as we do all that for you.

The rent for the house will be set at the same rate as a local estate agent would set it at. You can have a five year tenance4 agreement to which would automatically get renewed.

You will find to sell and rent back can be a lot cheaper than paying a mortgage with an adverse lender. GE money and Kensington seem to be the biggest lenders going for repossession in the sector at the moment.

If you start at a high interest rate and it goes up sometimes it just cannot be affordable. You could be selling to rent back just to release the equity from the property to. Which ever way your looking to achieve thousands of people are flooding into the sell and rent back market so don't feel alone. Get Advice from some one today as it could be the call that keeps your house.

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