Sunday, 26 August 2007

Double Glazing reduces carbon footprint

If you want to make your house warmer and reduce your carbon emmissions along with the high rising fuel bills, install high energy efficient double glazing. We have done extensive research on double glazed sealed units and this is what we have found.

There are typically 2 types of unit on the market.

Type 1
28mm sealed units which consist of 2 pains of 4mm float glass separated by a 20mm aluminium spacer bar. The bar conducts heat and allows energy loss through the unit.

Type 2
24mm sealed unit which still has 2 pains of 4mm float glass. But only a 16mm gap. The spacer bar has a rubber seal on each side braking the conducting element of the sealed unit. Also the air is removed from the inside and replace with a inert argon gas. This reduces the heat loss and makes this unit an A rated energy efficient product. These units would cost approx £20 more per unit than the 1st type but would recoupe your money quickly.

For an A rated window system and energy efficient sealed units we found Anglian Double Glazing to be the best supplier.

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